Why Not To Africa ?!

Thinking about Charity? Why Not TO Africa?!
“During my time in Cameroon, I saw a child picking up a broken flip flop from the ground and running happy to her mother (I assumed she already knew how to fix that). I saw children carrying water, huge amounts of water, walking on bare feet. I saw a child wondering a pencil sharpener as a Christmas gift. “

Then I thought: The World is not turning out to be fair, we must do something.

(Cit. Nicola Atzeni, CEO FOUNDER)

We created this Charity Project who aims to deliver some among the Inspired Gifts you can browse below, directly to the Children most in need. All Inspired Gifts have a fixed price of 2 pounds each.
Feel free to browse our Charity Section. We advocate you will be supportive toward this initiative, which can make a little significant difference for their Future.
You will be able to Donate School Tools, Pens, Pencils, Colouring Pencils, Blocks, Notepads and much more. As we all know, playing is a big part of a child’s life, therefore we included some Toys as well!
All Donations will be delivered in person (date of next trip at the page’s bottom). The Donator will have Pictures and Videos of his/her own selected Item addressed to Jean-Marc or Fabrice or Antoine or to any child whom address his/her Gratitude to you in person.
Each donation happens only once; in fact, we did not opt for a monthly subscription program. If you wish to make a monthly donation, just set up an alarm on your phone or stick a note onto your fridge and come back to our website, we are always open! You are Free to donate, every time you like, every time you can. We wanted to stay far away from those charity concepts in which you send money and you lose track of the real destination of your donations.

Newsletters and updates will be provided to keep you up-to-date about the latest news!