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Mr Calvin Picker
Peruvian Ginger Cultivation Head Manager 🌿💼🌎

Proud to Work with Monsieur Calvin Picker, Owner and General Manager of #AfricaBio, Cameroon

Calvin is a Young and Proactive guy, like majority of member of The Group. He studied in Italy too and He is able to speak multiple languages which is a must-have-tool among International Tradings

He drives His own company, AfricaBio, involved in the #Agriculture sector mainly. He really loves His work, reason why His company is one the most Worth of the Country

The Cooperation with #IFBgroup started in 2017 with the Peruvian #Ginger Cultivation, carefully followed by Him and His Guys!

He mainly produce Pineapples (different varieties), Avocados, Papaya, Passion Fruit and many more Delivered already to Italy, Belgium and France. Thanks to our Cooperation, Germany will be added on His Deliveries’ Destinations soon!

He loves to face New #Challenges and New #Experiment, recently Soybeans and Peanuts are engaging His Attention and Interest

He transform already His Products, His own ZA’A Registered Mark use to sell Juices (5 different tastes) well sold in all “Total” Petrol Station’s Shops already together with a Stand called ZA’A FRESH of Fresh Juices Squeezed at the moment, In Front Of You!

Nothing can be fresher than these juices.
We are already working for bringing this Concept and Project in Europe where He can be the Promoter of the Concept as well as the Supplier of the most Succulent, Juicy and Tasty Fruits from Cameroon!
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Mrs Natalie Milson
#Educational Project “The Way To #Happiness” Head Manager UK and USA 🌐💼🇬🇧️🇺🇲️

Some people are made to do Good Things, Help and #Support others, Natalie is definitely one of those!

We recently met Natalie (in 2017) but our #Charity Focuses seemed to be the same from very soon!

Half English, Half Brazilian with a Big Heart toward the Support of #People in Need!

She is the one who Proposed, Presented and Taught the Worldwide #Project “The Way To Happiness” to IFBgroup!

This is a Non-Religious Common Sense Guide created to Direct people toward a Better Living and a Safer World. #Everybody are Involved, You too!!!

More info on

Actually IFBgroup is Providing “The Way To Happiness” #Educational Project in various #Orphanages with the next Target to Bring it to Schools too!

Lot of them are Thanking Us, We must Thank Natalie for Her efforts Managing the Teaching Courses, Providing Information and, a must, Ordering Materials from the USA toward Cameroon!

Welcome Natalie and Thank You for your Consistency,
Keep on working with your Heart first! ⭐
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Mrs Fois Susanna – Cagliari Donations Manager 🇮🇹️🌍💼

Glad to have Mrs Susi among our Team!

Her role is to collect all #Donations in #Cagliari, whatever they will be Clothes, Toys, or Cash Donations for whoever do not trust his Bank Card on Websites!
She is the solution for you!

Confident with #Shipments, She use to Prepares Boxes and Manage Shipments toward Different #Orphanage and Structures supported by #IFBgroup in #Africa.

On top of all, She’s the aunt of the #Founder so She has the hundred percent of trust!

Benvenuta Susi! ⭐
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Mr Hatem Letaief – IFBgroup Accountant 💼🌐🌍

Mr Hatem Letaief is not a very new entry, in facts He assisted The #Group since it has been legally created in 2013

A very #honest man born in #Tunisia who lives in #London from a very long time. He speaks multiple languages, especially the language of #numbers

Always focused and very precise in his field of #competences, If nobody have never been arrested for legal incongruences is because of His #Precision with Numbers and #Documents!

Thanks Hatem, keep on working this way! ⭐
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Monsieur Henri Kamga Joel - Douala Donations Manager 🇨🇲️🌏🌐🕊️

Glad to be linked with M Henri, a 27yo active person from Douala, Cameroon

His important efforts and big heart made our #connection possible

Representative for the #Charity Projects in Douala, He found the way to include the #IDAV (Institut pour Déficients Auditifs et Visuels) inside our Charity #Projects, we are happy to support them and we thank you for your efforts

Continuously looking for #Productive Duties to attend, He will also care about the #Donations for IDAV Institute

#Welcome Henri! ⭐
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