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The Group is involved in several activities spanning over different areas of the world and embracing different economic sectors. The Group proudly enumerates among its activities Building Refurbishment and Renovation, Website Creation and Management, Household Cleanings, Babysitting, Recruitment and Accommodation service, Photography, Sustainable Agriculture, Food&Drink Retail of imported African organic products. Last but definitely not the least, our Charity Projects. The first aims to deliver Life Educational Classes (with the financial help of Scientology London) among the most Rural Villages and Areas in Cameroon. The second aims to provide school stationeries to African Children who are in need the most, thanks to the Support and Help provided by an increasing numbers of generous Donors from our Community. We really wish you are already part of our family, but if not, please register to our newsletter and visit the “Charity” page!

The Group became a “one-call-company” due to the continuous commitment brought in place by The Team in order to provide the highest level of professionalism, always delivered at tailored and affordable prices, and of course, always Respecting Deadlines.

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